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Central Jersey School of Real Estate

Please call for our Veteran special! (609) 619-3417


EARLY REGISTRATION INCENTIVE! Register by the Wednesday before the start of the class you wish to attend for a $50 discount!

Registered students who get someone to join get a $25.00 reimbursement per person.

Every student that successfully completes the course has one year from the date of passing the school exam to join future classes on Zoom at no additional charge in order to prepare for the state exam.


In an effort to accommodate the learning preferences of our students, as well as recognizing the concerns that Covid-19 has impressed upon us all, our class will be offered on Zoom as well as in the classroom. You can attend the class in person or take it online, whichever you prefer!! You can alternate between Zoom sessions and in-person as fits your schedule. If you take the class in person, you will be socially distanced and be required to wear a mask until CDC guidelines have been changed. This schedule starts with the night class being offered May 3rd and all future classes day or evening. Our teaching style gives you the best chance for success in passing the NJ State Licensing Exam. Now is a great time to get into the residential real estate business!!! Hope to see you in class soon!!

CONTACT US AT THE CJ SCHOOL AT 609-619-3417, OR CONTACT THE SCHOOL DIRECTOR, JACK FISK AT: 973-768-3510 by phone or email JackFisk21@gmail.com 


Why choose a career in real estate ...full time or part time?

  • Independence
  • Flexibility
  • Unlimited Earning Potential

A career in real estate offers all of the above. YOU control how much you earn by setting your own goals. YOU decide how many hours you can devote to developing your career. Working with focus and direction YOU can make as much money as YOUR ambitions permit. Good Market or Bad Market, people will always have a reason to move and that means that you can make an income no matter what the market is at any given time!

In real estate, YOU are your own boss...And here's the best part... YOU can make great money doing it.  Real Estate offers the perfect opportunity for: 

There IS a difference between schools...That's why it's critical that You get the very best real estate education possible. The Central Jersey School of Real Estate can help you get started in a successful career in real estate by helping you to pass the New Jersey State Real Estate Exam in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Real Estate License NJ

- We offer a course that will allow you to get your real estate license in as little as 2 weeks.

Real Estate School NJ

- The Central Jersey School of Real Estate is a private career school conveniently located in central New Jersey that is easily accessible from the NJ Turnpike (Exit 8-A), Route 1, and Route 130. You can easily get to the school from anywhere in New Jersey!